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Any publication or blog can both include and get reaction videos by adding a simple line of JavaScript anywhere within their page template.

Here’s what videos on your page will look like:

195 Reactions REACT

Why would I want reaction videos on my website?

There are three main reasons to use on your website:

  1. Increase engagement

    Reaction videos are a fun and personal way to add a layer of commentary or explanation to original content. This simple format, akin to traditional mainstream commentary shows and reality TV, has become incredibly popular online.

  2. Increase referrals

    Reaction videos enable publishers to reach new audiences through the endorsement of trusted friends and local influencers. When someone reacts to content on, the original source is linked back and attributed.

  3. Increase session time

    “Visual journalism already makes up 75% of the time that our audiences spend with Mic,” Mic’s CEO and co-founder, Chris Altchek wrote in his internal memo explaining Mic’s pivot to video.

    Video is high-impact and more immersive and engaging than text comments, leading to increased dwell time, longer sessions and increased value for advertisers.

Do I need an account to watch or create reactions?

No, you can watch reactions on your website without anything else. If you tap to react, you’ll download the free app to record and share the reaction – no sign up needed.

What’s in it for’s goal is to build the largest reaction video graph on the Internet – a Wikipedia of video commentary. We provide our technology free of charge to any website that wants to use it, and offer a number of premium advanced features, analytics and custom solutions to our partners.

How do I set up my website?

Email us at to get started.