Reaction videos turn
fans into marketers

Lower marketing costs

Highly engaging and easily shareable, reaction videos let fans add their own flavor to content and share it with friends, resulting in free distribution that ranks well on social media.

Boost your release cycle

Reaction videos extend engagement following the release of a music video, yet require no additional work from artists or management.

Grow your audience

Reaction videos enable established and up-and-coming artists to reach new audiences, through the endorsement of trusted friends and local influencers.

How does work?

Our innovative platform provides artists with simple, flexible tools that they can use to engage fans and get reactions videos. Here’s how:

  1. Create a reaction request integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Vevo and more, so you don’t need to re-upload.

  2. Share your request link

    You get a branded link and plugin code that allows fans to easily record themselves watching your video and share their reaction on Facebook, YouTube, and more.

    For example:

  3. Get reactions + data

    As fans share their reaction videos, we aggregate them in real time and collect valuable data, including the location and demographics of your top fans.

Can I get a demo?

Sure can, email us at to request a demo.

Who is already getting reactions?

Here are a few artists that fans are already reacting to on

1,227 reactions

2,548 reactions

2,213 reactions

916 reactions

896 reactions

1,185 reactions

566 reactions

1,948 reactions

587 reactions

1,074 reactions

1,756 reactions

961 reactions

What’s in it for’s goal is to build the largest reaction video graph on the Internet – a Wikipedia of video commentary. We provide our technology free of charge for artists and fans, and offer a number of premium advanced features, analytics and custom solutions to our partners.

How do I get started?

You can sign up here.